Maintenance & Turnarounds

      In the area of repair and maintenance, MEI is simply the best in the business! We have a vast amount of experience and have encountered virtually every imaginable repair scenario in a variety of locations. From the petrochemical corridor of Louisiana to the islands of the Caribbean and from Cork County, Ireland to Cape Horn, Chile. No matter what corner of the world, chances are MEI hs been there.
       MEI's history with turnarounds span the United States from Norco, LA to Joliet, IL, and from Beaumont, TX to Torrance, CA. The company's large clientele of repeat customers keeps the MEI teams busy.

Specialty Welding

      In addition to performing turnarounds and maintenance, MEI has the ability to suport and manage major projects. An example of our capabilities include field construction of a new vacuum tower with a weight in excess of 300 tons and lifting the major components into place with a 1,200 ton crane. This tower construction also included more than 15,000 linear feet of welds. Successful completion of projects of this difficulty and magnitude clearly emphasizes our ability to perform major FCCU projects.
      MEI employs some of the best welders in the industry and maintains ASME "S", "U" and national Board "R" code stamps.

Maintenance, Turnarounds & Specialty Welding performed by MEI
Construction by MEI


      Along side it's Specialty Welding expertise, MEI is best known for its award winning fast-track construction projects. We have evolved our skills and technology to adapt to the changing needs of industry, offering an unmatched array of construction services for rebuilding, upgrading, or brand new construction. MEI remains focused on quality, ensuring your plant operations are affected as little as necessary while work is done efficiently and timely.

Construction by MEI
MEI Fabrication Services


      MEI is totally committed to providing our customers "Excellence in Quality." We do this through a dedicated, standard, concise, and team oriented system that provides traceability and attention to detail, from the first arc strike to the last bolt-up.

Emergency Response / Fire Rebuild

      MEI specializes in repair and reconstruction after catastrophic industrial events using Extreme Engineering and Construction Technology®.

Before & After Repair by CTTI
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