MEI Quality Control Philosophy

      We are committed to maintaining the utmost quality when performing task-oriented assignments. Our focus is on traceability and attention to detail when performing both field and shop fabrication and repair. Our repair rate is less than 3% which is well below industry average.

      The success of maintaining a low rejection rate is achieved, in part, by the quality of our welders. All pipe and tube welders are tested on a minimum of two tests in a 6G position, restricted on all 4 sides. In addition, tube welders are tested in a simulated convection box using alloy material.

      MEI’s corporate Quality Control Manager and the assigned jobsite Quality Control Manager will develop a jobsite specific quality management plan. This plan addresses Code, client, and MEI quality objectives and the requirements of the subcontract and attendant drawings and specifications. A part of this plan will include the appropriate training requirements for management of each discipline.

  • MEI holds both the ASME “S” and “U” stamps along with the National Board “R” stamp.
  • Licensed to install boilers in the state of Louisiana.
  • Over 350 ASME section 9 qualified welding procedures in a wide range of alloy materials and dissimilar materials.
  • Over 600 qualified welders in our system.

  •       Our quality control department becomes involved beginning with the bid process. We continue our involvement during the planning process all the way through to the system turnover. We are committed to quality from the first arc strike to the final bolt-up.

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